Ali Love

Pumping 4 Al, P.U.M.P (2014), Additional ProductionMix

Deep Into The Night, P.U.M.P (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Dirty Stories, P.U.M.P (2014), Additional ProductionMix

Perfect Picture, P.U.M.P (2014), Additional ProductionMix

P.U.S.S.Y , P.U.M.P (2014), Mix

Surrender, P.U.M.P (2014), Additional ProductionMix


Alice Chater

Hourglass (2018), MixProductionSongwriting

Tonight (2019), MixProduction



Chasing Highs (2017), Additional ProductionMix



I’m In Control, I Remember (2016), Co-ProductionMix

Full Swing, I Remember (2016), Co-ProductionMix

In My Head, I Remember (2016), Co-ProductionMix

Mean What I Mean, I Remember (2016), Co-ProductionMix

Mediator, I Remember (2016), Additional ProductionMix

Heartbreak Horizon, I Remember (2016), Additional ProductionMix

Hold Your Head High, I Remember (2016), Additional ProductionMix

Wanderlust, I Remember (2016), Mix

I Remember, I Remember (2016), Mix

Jealous, I Remember (2016), Mix


Amber Mark

Lose My Cool, 3:33AM (2017), Mix

Regret, 3:33AM (2017), Mix

Journey Into The Unknown, 3:33AM (2017), Mix

Space, 3:33AM (2017), Mix

Monsoon, 3:33AM (2017), Mix

Way Back, 3:33AM (2017), Mix

Can You Hear Me, 3:33AM (2017), Additional ProductionMix

Heatwave (2017), Additional ProductionMix

All The Work, Conexao-EP (2018), Mix

Love Me Right, Conexao-EP (2018), Mix



The River (2019), Co-ProductionMix

Apple Tree(Georgia Remix) (2019), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting


Becky Hill

I Could Get Used To This (2019), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting



Me, Myself and I (2018), Mix

I Loved You (2014), Additional ProductionMix

Nothing Like This (2016), Additional ProductionMix

All Cried Out (2015), Additional Production

Feel Good (It’s Alright) (2015), Co-ProductionMix

Higher Ground (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Foolish (2014), Mix


Bugzy Malone

Heart, B.Inspired (2018), Additional ProductionMix

Run, B.Inspired (2018), Mix

Ordinary People, B.Inspired (2018), Mix

Death Do Us Part, B.Inspired (2018), Mix


Clean Bandit

Extraordinary, New Eyes (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Come Over, New Eyes (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Cologne, New Eyes (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Up Again, New Eyes (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Heart On Fire, New Eyes (2014), Co-ProductionMix

New Eyes, New Eyes (2014), Co-ProductionMix

A&E, New Eyes (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Stronger, New Eyes (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Tears (2016), Co-ProductionMix

Rockabye (2016), Co-ProductionMix


Coldabank & Morixo

Take Me Back (2019), Additional ProductionMix


Confidence Man

Boyfriend, Confident Music For Confident People (2017), Mix


Craig David

Nothing Like This (2016), Additional ProductionMix


Dan Caplen

Flat Champagne, Flat Champagne EP (2017), Mix

Trouble (2018), Additional ProductionMix


Daniel Avery

Knowing We’ll Be Here, Drone Logic (2013), Songwriting

Glitter, Song For Alpha (2018), ProductionSongwriting



Catwalk (2014), Mix

They Don’t Know (2014), Mix

Daylight (2016), Additional ProductionMix

On My Mind (2017), Additional ProductionMix

All Mine (2019), Additional ProductionMix

No Ties (2019), Additional ProductionMix


Drones Club

Hurricane (2017), Co-ProductionMix

This House (2017), Co-ProductionMix

International (2017), Co-ProductionMix



Tiers, Outer (2016), Additional ProductionMix

Ingrid Is A Hybrid (2016), Co-ProductionMix



Old Friend (2018), Additional ProductionMix

Something About You (with Rudimental) (2019), Additional ProductionMix


Everyone You Know

She Don’t Dance (2019), Co-ProductionMix


Fickle Friends

Brooklyn, You Are Someone Else (2018), Additional ProductionMix

Say No More, You Are Someone Else (2018), Mix

Glue, You Are Someone Else (2018), MixProduction

Swim, You Are Someone Else (2018), Mix

Wake Me Up, You Are Someone Else (2018), Mix

Hello Hello (2018), Additional ProductionMix


Filthy Dukes

This Rhythm, Nonsense In The Dark (2009), MixProductionSongwriting

Twenty Six Hundred, Nonsense In The Dark (2009), MixProductionSongwriting

Messages, Nonsense In The Dark (2009), MixProductionSongwriting

Tupac Robot Club Rock (2009), MixProductionSongwriting

Nonsense In The Dark (2009), MixProductionSongwriting

Nonsense In The dark (Album) (2009), MixProductionSongwriting



Money, All I Need (2016), MixProduction

Shoot Me Down, All I Need (2016), MixProduction

Rise Up, All I Need (2016), MixProduction

Wicked Love, All I Need (2016), MixProduction

Lose My Cool, All I Need (2016), MixProduction

Cruel, All I Need (2016), MixProduction

Body Talk, All I Need (2016), Mix

If You Leave Me Now, All I Need (2016), Mix

Scar, All I Need (2016), Mix

On My Way, All I Need (2016), Mix


Franz Ferdinand

Right Action. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Co-Production

Evil Eye. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Co-Production

Love Illumination. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Co-Production

Stand On The Horizon, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Co-ProductionMix

Fresh Strawberries, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Co-ProductionMix

Bullet, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Co-Production

Brief Encounter, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Co-Production

Goodbye Lovers & Friends, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Co-Production


Friendly Fires

Love Like Waves (2018), Co-ProductionMix

Heaven Let Me In (2018), Co-ProductionMix

Can’t Wait Forever (2019), MixProduction

Silhouettes (2019), Additional ProductionMix

Offline (with Friend Within) (2019), Co-ProductionSongwritingMix

Sleeptalking (2019), MixProduction

Kiss and Rewind (2019), MixProduction

Lack of Love (2019), Co-ProductionMix

Cry Wolf (2019), MixProduction

Almost Midnight (2019), MixProduction


George Fitzgerald

Roll Back, All That Must Be (2018), Additional ProductionMix

Fading Love – Album (2015), Mix



Feel It (2017), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

Started Out (2018), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

About Work The Dancefloor (2018), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting


Gorgon City

Doubts (2016), MixProduction

Kingdom, Escape (2018), MixProduction

All Four Walls, Escape (2018), MixProduction

Smile (2016), Additional ProductionMix

One Last Song, Escape (2018), Additional ProductionMix


Holly Johnson

In And Out Of Love , Europa (2014), Co-ProductionMix

Album – Europa (2014), Co-ProductionMix


Hot Chip

Motion Sickness, In Our Heads (2012), Co-ProductionMix

Look At Where We Are In Our Heads (2012), Co-ProductionMix

These Chains, In Our Heads (2012), Co-ProductionMix

Now There Is Nothing, In Our Heads (2012), Co-ProductionMix

Ends Of The Earth, In Our Heads (2012), Co-ProductionMix

Always Been Your Love, In Our Heads (2012), Co-ProductionMix

Night & Day, In Our Heads (2012), Co-ProductionMix

How Do You Do, In Our Heads (2012), Co-ProductionMix

Dark & Stormy (2016), Co-ProductionMix

Huarache Lights, Why Make Sense? (2015), Co-ProductionMix


Hot Natured

Different Sides Of The Sun (2013), Co-ProductionMix

Benediction, Different Sides Of The Sun (2013), Co-ProductionMix

Isis (Magic Carpet Ride, Different Sides Of The Sun (2013), Co-ProductionMix

Forward Motion, Different Sides Of The Sun (2013), Co-ProductionMix

Reverse Skydiving, Different Sides Of The Sun (2013), Co-ProductionMix


Infinity Ink

Infinity (2016), Co-ProductionMix

Full Capacity, Electric For Life Episode 094 (2016), Mix


Jax Jones

You Don’t Know Me (2016), Additional ProductionMix

Instruction (2017), Additional ProductionMix

Breathe (2017), Co-ProductionMix

Ring Ring (2018), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

Play (2018), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

All Day & Night (2019), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting


Jess Glynne

All I Am , Always In Between (2018), MixProduction


John Newman

Fire In Me (2018), Co-ProductionMix


JP Cooper

September Song (Indian Summer Mix), We Were Raised Under Grey Skies (2017), MixProduction


Julio Bashmore

Knockin’ Boots, Knockin’ Boots (2015), Mix

Rhythm of Auld, Knockin’ Boots (2015), Mix



Love + War, Love + War (2015), Additional ProductionMix



Coming Over, This Mixtape Is Fire (2015), Mix

Fiction (ft. Tom Odell), Cloud Nine (2016), Mix

Stole The Show, Cloud Nine (2016), Additional ProductionMix

Nothing Left, Cloud Nine (2016), Mix

Here For You (2015), Mix



Bum Bum Tam Tam (2018), Additional ProductionMix



Want Me More (2017), Additional ProductionMix


Pete Tong

Pete Tong Classic House, Album (2016), MixProduction

Pete Tong Ibiza Classics, Album (2017), MixProduction


Plan B

Grateful, Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose (2018), Additional ProductionMix


Rag'n'Bone Man

Human (Rudimental Remix), Human (2017), Mix


Rat Boy

Move, SCUM (2017), Mix

Scum, SCUM (2017), Mix

Revolution, SCUM (2017), Mix



Loving Life, Rationale (2017), Additional ProductionMix



Friends (2018), Additional ProductionMixSongwriting



Friend Lover, Falling EP (2016), MixProductionSongwriting

Kill My Fears, Falling EP (2016), MixProductionSongwriting

Last Love, Falling EP (2016), MixProductionSongwriting



Silence EP (2016), Additional ProductionMix

Automatic EP (2017), Mix



These Days, Toast To Our Differences (2018), Co-ProductionMix



Copper Kiss (2016), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

So Rude (2017), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

Heartbreak Diet (2017), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

Lite Behaviour, Zebedy’s Cult (2017), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

I Am Champagne, Zebedy’s Cult (2017), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting



Mermaid (2017), Additional ProductionMix


Sub Focus

Lingua (2017), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

Don’t You Feel It (2017), Co-ProductionMix



Everyone Wants To Be Famous, Superorganism (2018), Mix

Something For Your M.I.N.D, Superorganism (2018), Mix


Take That

New Day, Wonderland (2017), Production

Giants, Wonderland (2017), Production

Come On Love, Wonderland (2017), Production


The 2 Bears

Be Strong (Album) (2012), Additional ProductionMix

The Night Is Young (Album) (2014), Additional ProductionMix


The Chemical Brothers

Go, Born In The Echoes (2017), Bass Guitar


The Magician

Sunlight (2017), Co-ProductionMixProduction

Shy (2016), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

Tied Up (2017), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

Slow Motion (2017), Additional ProductionMixSongwriting

Las Vegas (2018), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

Ready To Love (2019), Co-ProductionSongwriting



Sunshine (2015), Additional ProductionMix

Say A Prayer (2017), Additional ProductionMix



Woke (2017), Mix


Tiggs Da Author

Georgia (2015), Additional ProductionMix

Run (2016), Additional ProductionMix



All My Love (2015), MixSongwriting



Superlove, Life Of A Wallflower (2018), Additional ProductionMix


Years & Years

Meteorite (2016), Co-Production

Hallelujah, Palo Santo (2018), Additional Production

All For You, Palo Santo (2018), Additional ProductionSongwriting

Hypnotised, Palo Santo (2018), Additional ProductionMixSongwriting

Rendezvous, Palo Santo (2018), Co-ProductionMixSongwriting

If You’re Over Me, Palo Santo (2018), Songwriting

Howl, Palo Santo (2018), MixProductionSongwriting

Coyote, Palo Santo (2018), MixProductionSongwriting

Foundation, Communion (2015), Co-ProductionMix

Real, Communion (2015), Co-Production



Baby (2018), Songwriting


Mark Ralph is an award-winning British music producer, mixer and Ivor Novello nominated songwriter and musician.

Ralph’s work has traversed genres, working with artists including Years & Years, Clean Bandit, Jax Jones, Rudimental, Kygo, and Tom Walker to name a few.

Working out of his Club Ralph studio complex in North West London, Mark has delivered five UK Number 1 singles, two UK Number 1 albums and a plethora of global top 10 records, which reinforces his position as one of the world’s top producer/writers.